West: 'Kicking Game Stinks'

Scrimmage number two in the preseason for the Memphis Tigers left little praise for the team that earned an early release the last time they met at the Liberty Bowl. Head coach Tommy West wasn't pleased this time around, especially with the kicking game.

"I thought we came out good, I like the way we started, and then, after about 25 plays, about 50 plays into the scrimmage, boy we just went south fast. "

Matt Reagan continues to struggle with his execution of field goals and extra points, and West didn't sugar coat the state of the kicking game.

"Our kicking game...let me put this a nice way...STINKS. And that's a nice word for it. Our cover teams are busting their butt, but our kicker right now is horrible, and he knows it.  For some reason, the ball's low. This is the second time down here and the ball's been low both times. It's in the mechanics. I do know this, it's in the snap and the hold cause he's getting there too quick. I believe it's fixable, we'll get it fixed this week. This time next week, our kicker will be much better. Cause he's capable of being really good."

Quarterback Martin Hankins finished the day having completed 10 of 16 passes for 121 yards and two touchdowns.

With 2 full scrimmages behind them, it would seem game prep for Ole Miss is the next step...but not so fast.

"We're not ready for that. We're doing some things for the opening game, but not a lot. Really, we're preparing our team, I'm still trying to find out, and get in my mind who's gonna be our guy in what positions.

The Tigers will continue to work out the kinks. One more scrimmage is scheduled for next week before preparation for the season opener (Ole Miss) begins Thursday.