Mid-South volunteers work to keep neighbors safe from heat

Volunteers worked all weekend making sure Mid-Southerners stayed safe in the heat. The volunteers for County Mayor A.C. Wharton spent the weekend delivering free fans to the elderly.

Also at Wharton's request, First Baptist Church on Broad was designated one of several area cooling centers.

But Pastor Keith Norman's church offers shelter to those in need year round. "In Shelby County and other places where there's already oppression and poverty, extreme conditions magnify these types of things and lets us know what's really there," said Norman.

Norman is also concerned about another heat related safety hazard.

The heat not only threatens the health of area residents, it also makes them more likely to become a victim of crime.

During extreme temperatures, open doors and windows provide easier access for thieves.

"There's always that element that will take advantage of these types of conditions," said Norman.

Asthma sufferer Eddie Carson appreciates the county mayor's concern for his safety. "I take my hat off to our mayor he's got his hands full but he's responding adequately," said Carson.

Responding to any number of hazards brought on by a heatwave that has already killed at least a dozen people.


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