Street to get name of 12-year-old killed by officer

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (AP) - A stretch of the street where DeAuntae Farrow was fatally shot by a city police officer will be named for the 12-year-old boy, the City Council decided Monday.

A portion of North 24th Street by the Steeple Chase Apartments, where DeAuntae was shot June 22, will become DeAuntae Farrow Drive.

West Memphis police say the boy was playing in the parking lot with a friend while two officers, wearing SWAT-type uniforms, were on an unrelated stakeout.

Police say the boys ran by, yelling, and officers told them to stop.

Sgt. Erik Sammis fired when he thought DeAuntae was holding a weapon and moved, police say.

The council action was the first street-name change to memorialize an individual since Club Road was renamed Martin Luther King Drive in 1995, the West Memphis Evening Times reported.

The vote was taken with members of the Farrow family sitting in the front row.

Also at the meeting was Brant Sitzes, father of Brittney Sitzes, 16. Brittney died Feb. 21, the day after her car was struck by a West Memphis patrol car driven by officer James Anthony Wright.

Brant Sitzes also asked the council to memorialize his daughter, either with a street-name change or a plaque at the site of the crash.

"If something like that could be done for my daughter, I sure would thank the council," Sitzes said.

A member of the Farrow family thanked the council for renaming the street for the slain youngster and asked the council to also recognize the death of Brittney Sitzes.

Mayor Bill Johnson said the council's Public Works Committee would consider Sitzes' request and make a recommendation to the council.

After the meeting, Brant Sitzes and Deborah Farrow, the mother of DeAuntae Farrow, embraced and spoke briefly.

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