Rape suspect on the run after attacking Memphis teen

Memphis police say a rape suspect is on the run, after attacking a teenager across from an elementary school.

Police say it happened at a home near Orleans Elementary. Detectives in the sex crimes division of the Memphis police department are working to find the rapist.

It happened Monday morning. Fortunately a sharp eyed sanitation worker noticed something didn't look right.

Most people who live around Orleans Elementary didn't know about the rape of the 17-year-old girl until I told them.

"I don't think none of this should be going on around here in the school area. I feel I think that is very wrong," said April Harris.

One woman who did not want to be identified said someone broke into her car earlier in the day. She's doesn't know if its related to the rape.

Police said the 17-year-old girl was just walking down the street when she was grabbed. They said people in the area should be quite concerned.

Sanitation worker Brenda Brown saw it all while she was on her route. "I see him pulling her and she was trying to get away from him. He kind of made him hug her back that's what made me know that it was something going on. At that time he snatched her and walked on to the back. "

Brown said the man dragged the teen behind a vacant house. She said she and another worker started yelling saying they were the police to make the man stop.

"He came back from the back and zipped his pants up," added Brown.

Brown said the man then ran off and she couldn't catch him. She said she tried to comfort the victim. "She just screamed, 'don't nobody touch me please.' She was afraid," said Brown.

Brenda Brown said the victim told her the attacker had a gun. Investigators sid they have no one in custody.

People who live in the area of Orleans Elementary are being cautioned to be on the look out.


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