Beebe: If special session is called, only marriage law on table

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Governor Beebe said today that if he called a special session to correct a law regarding Arkansas' marriage age, the session would probably not address other issues.

Beebe told reporters in North Little Rock that he hoped to decide within the next week whether a session is needed to correct a law mistakenly passed that would allow anyone under the age of 18 to get married with parental consent.

Beebe says issues such as immigration, an increase in the severance tax on natural gas and a trauma center are QUOTE "not ripe" for a special session.

Beebe says if he does call a special session, it probably wouldn't include other issues unless there were technical matters that needed to be corrected. Beebe says his office is also looking at other states that do not have a minimum age to marry to see how they handle enforcement.

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