Council members discuss the use of the word "minority" in official business

Tuesday, Memphis City Council members debated the word "minority," and eliminating it from city use.

Councilman Dedrick Brittenum said the word has no place in city business.  The word turns up in Memphis' city charter in reference to business participation, as well as the mentally or legally incompetent recipients of benefits.

Brittenum said it was not a matter of the word being offensive, rather the word "minority" is often used inaccurately.

According to Brittenum, the word only applies, "in business, political parties, and reaching the age of majority if you're a minor.  Those are the only instances it's been used."

Brittenum said even if people use the word to refer to African Americans, it does not apply in Memphis because African Americans are the majority population.
Council members did not vote Tuesday on the resolution to strike the word from city use.

The city attorney asked for time to look into whether or not it would effect any programs linked to the city.
Council members plan to vote on the resolution at its next meeting.

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