Crump Stadium Gets a Rebirth/Central High Gets a Home

Out with the old and in with the New never sounded better to the High School Football Players at Central High School..

With the Prep Football campaign set to begin this Friday, the Warriors believe there's No Place like Home.

Historic Crump Stadium...built during the Great Depression as part of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's WPA plan to get people jobs.

By 2004, it was in dire need of repair and was condemned.

Now its ready to once again play home to Central High School.

Shiny new aluminum stands.

Tons of fresh concrete.

A state of the art track, even some new Bermuda grass.

Central Coach Tom Nesmith says:

"It's nice not to have get in a bus everyday to go to practice."

There's a whole new vibe around the football program now. Numbers are way up.

Head coach Tom NeSmith has 62 players on the team with a couple dozen more waiting for equipment.

Needless to say, NeSmith is a happy camper.

"After playing in 10 different stadiums last season, the kids here are happy to finally have a place they can call home. For some of the seniors this will be the very first time they've they've actually played a home game in crump stadium."

Fullback William Martin adds:

"I feel ike its grandfather played here."

For safety Nick Johnson, he can't wait to get it on under the lights.

"Everyone's asking when its gonna open. It's nice to finally have a home."

The grand re-opening is this Friday August 24th when Central takes on Kinsbury.

You can see the highlights in the season Kickoff of Friday Football Fever on Action News 5.