"Handwrting on Wall" Grizzlies Stoudamire Wants New NBA Address

With the Youth Movement now in place for the Memphis Grizzlies, the teams' oldest player says he's ready to Move on to earn his NBA Keep.

12-year veteran point guard Damon Stoudamire told the Tucson Citizen Newspaper Monday he doesn't want to be part of the tough rebuilding process in Memphis.

Speaking at a Charity Basketball game at his Alma Mater, the University of Arizona, Stoudamire

says he's now healthy after suffering a career threatening patellar Tendon Knee Injury 2 seasons ago...but can -quote- "see the handrwiting on the wall" after the Grizzlies used their last 2 first round picks to draft point guards, Kyle Lowry in 2006, and Mike Conley, Jr., this year.

Stoudamire has 2-years left on a deal that pays him about $4-Million a season..

The 34-year old met this summer with Grizzlies new Coach Marc Iavaroni.

He says he's not demanding a trade, but hopes something can be worked out.