West says Tigers Final Pre-Season Scrimmage Leaves Work to be Done

There's nothing like scrimmaging in 100 degree heat to let you know you must really love this game.

For the Memphis Tigers, that love is being strained a bit by a lack of focus to detail..

Details that have to be worked out before Ole Miss comes to town for Game 1 September First.

The third and what was suppose to be the final preseason scrimmage for the Tigers Wednesday made things a bit clearer for coach Tommy West...clear the Tigers still have a ways to go.

"I thought it was o.k in spots... We started off really bad..."

An opening kick out of bounds was the beginning of a shaky morning...

Two plays later, a fumble deep in their own territory that most likely would have led to points by the other team...

Then a blown assignment on defense that led to an easy touchdown by Carlton Robinzine.

West says:

"We have a lot of work to do. But we have time, that's the good thing. That's what I told them. Right now, it's a thing of them realizing why they're not good...and I think they do."

The kicking game, which struggled through the first two scrimmages, showed some improvement...

Improved enough where West could see things working out soon...hopefully.

"I think we're talented enough there, at kicker and punter, but they're shaky right now. They're not doing their job... I think Matt is better. I told you Satruday that by Saturday our kicker would be straightened out, so I have three days. He's better than he was, but he's not straightened out. I still have work to do."

Time is winding down...just a week and a half before Ole Miss comes to the Liberty Bowl.

West says:

"we have to keep...we are no where near being ready to play a game right now. We're not close to that."

Kickoff for the Tigers and Rebels is 2:30pm Saturday, September First.