Raleigh neighbors frustrated by garbage lined corner lot

Broken toys, old carpet and bags of garbage make up a trail of trash that lines a driveway on Lynchburg Street.

Residents in this Raleigh neighborhood are sore over the eyesore, which started piling up weeks ago.  And, they said, it's not the first time garbage has been the cornerstone of the corner lot.
"Civic pride, you know, that's an item for so many people that seems to be missing," said neighbor Russell Reeves. "I just don't understand it."

No one was home during our attempts to ask the homeowner why the trash was allowed to pile up.  Neighbors said they hoped city sanitation crews would be called to come and hauled the trash away, but learned they are not allowed to.

"One person's trash is another person's treasure, and you never know what you should or should not haul away unless it sits on the curb," said Memphis Public Works director Jerry Collins.

Collins said trash on a person's property is a complaint for code enforcement, but no one has filed a complaint.

If residents want the garbage gone, he said, they will have to call the Mayor's Citizen Service Center or Code Enforcement.

It's a step neighbors said they would quickly carry out.

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