Tennessee Lottery players get sexy surprise

Lottery customers hoping for hot picks this week got an extra bonus: Hot talk.

Delivery man David McCown thought he had dialed the wrong number when one of his customers, the owner of a convenience store, told him about the number.

"All I heard was 'Hey, hot stuff,'" he  said.

McCown said he couldn't believe the Tennessee Lottery made another mistake.

"With everything that's going on they're trying to fix the situation and it just got worse," he said.

Problems started earlier this week with a computer glitch in the Cash 3 and Cash 4 games.

To make up for the error, the lottery told customers who still had their losing tickets they could get a double refund. When customers came to collect the refund, a clerk handed them a ticket with a phone number to call. Instead of calling a lottery office, however, the number dials a phone sex line.

A spokesperson for the state's lottery commission said it was just a mistake, and a new number has been sent out.

"I think the whole thing is just a mistake," said store owner Paul Pauciello. "It's a lot of mistakes, and they shouldn't be making these mistakes. They're making them."

Pauciello sells lottery tickets at his convenience store. He admits he wouldn't want his grandmother calling the number.

If you have one of the losing Cash 3 or Cash 4 tickets and you qualify for a refund you must go to the Perimeter Mall on Summer Avenue to get your money. You can not get a refund at a store that sells lottery tickets.

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