Volunteers at U of M help new students tackle the heat

Parents and students tried to keep their cool as they moved into the dorms at the University of Memphis.

The thought of living on her own for the first time has Rachel Rannou excited. Rachel's father, Bud isn't excited about the heat, though.

"It's a very hot day to be moving stuff," he says.

He wishes he had a cooler day to move his daughter into the dorms. No matter how early they arrived, University of Memphis staffers knew families would need help, not just with the heavy lifting, but also the heat.

"We'll have a lot of water, police services will be on hand. Actually our nurse will be volunteering today. So if people get over-heated, we'll have plenty of people to help out," says Peter Groenendyke with the University of Memphis.

About 100 U of M volunteers are doing all they can to keep parents and students cool. Still, it's tough.

It turns out the only help Rachel and her parents really need is moving up to the fourth floor of Rawls Hall.

"I think if we have to make it up steps, I don't think we'll make it! Not in this heat," says Rachel's mom Julie.

If they could only get help with the line for the elevator. University of Memphis is expecting 1100 students to move in the dorms by the end of the day.


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