Home of woman at center of mayor sex plot burglarized

There are new developments in the sex plot against Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton. The woman behind the alleged plot, Gwen Smith, says prominent civil rights attorney Richard Fields hired her to set up Mayor Herenton.

She's currently in jail on unrelated charges but her lawyer says someone broke into her home twice.

He says it's no coincidence. A second break-in, a mystery letter and the threat of an upcoming civil suit are all new twists in the Sex and the City saga.

Smith's attorney, Jay Bailey, thinks the burglary is too coincidental. "We have reason to believe this was no random break-in," says Bailey.

In June, Herenton accused Smith's former attorney, Richard Fields, of coaxing Smith into luring Herenton into a sex tape with her.

That night a police report shows someone burglarized her mother's home. "The only room in the house that was ransacked was the room that was used by Gwen Smith," adds Bailey.

The first police report shows the burglar took a video camera and other items. In the second police report, Smith's mother couldn't figure out what was taken. But, Smith's attorney believes it was a letter.

"We believe that the letter Mr. Fields has was a letter that was taken from Miss Smith's mother's home," explains Bailey.

Fields is out of town, but said by phone he already had a copy of that letter.

He wouldn't say what was in it, because he says he must first talk with federal investigators.

He did say, "This is absurd. It's ridiculous. But, when you're dealing with crooks, you have to expect this."

Smith is still in Davidson County Jail for violating probation in another case. Bailey says a civil suit is in the works. He wouldn't say who it targets.


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