Winkler seeks help from high profile attorney in custody battle

The attorney successful in the international custody suit over Anna Mae He is working on another high profile case.

David Seigel who handled the Anna Mae He Case pro bono says Mary Winkler's child custody attorneys have asked him to help them on the case.

Winkler is trying to get custody of her three daughters from her late husband's parents.

Mary Winkler gave temporary custody of her children to Matthew Winkler's parents after she was arrested for his murder.

Winkler's attorneys hope the Tennessee Supreme Court will see similarities in the Anna Mae He case.

He's biological parents tried for seven years to regain custody of Anna Mae from a couple they asked to take care of her when they were having financial problems.

Jack He says he does not think the two cases are the same. He says he does not think Mary Winkler should get her children back because she shot and killed her husband Matthew.

"From my heart, I think that it's horrible that's dreadful tragedy happen to the father and family. The father of three children died that are horrible the most dreadful thing that could happen," says Jack He.

He says Anna Mae has two parents and that makes a difference as well.

Today is the month anniversary of the 8-year-old girl returning to Jack He and the rest of the family. He says she is doing well.


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