Parents hot under the collar over classrooms with no air conditioning

It's another day of temperatures above a hundred degrees in Memphis and some students had to sit in the heat.

One elementary school's air conditioner was on the fritz inside the kindergarten annex at Idlewild Elementary.

There are about 10 classrooms affected. Idlewild principal, Natalie Catchings says one of the compressors is not working at full capacity.

However, she says the other compressor is working just fine. The school provided some 300 water bottles for the students and 12 fans.

The water came Friday, but the compressor broke down three days ago.

Lyle Caldwell is upset the principal didn't notify the parents. He came to pick-up his son at 11:15 Friday morning to keep him out out of the hot classroom.

"Communication, it's very simple. They could have printed out a piece a paper, put it in every kids backpack saying by the way the air-conditioning is out here are our option, we apologize. They did not do that," says Caldwell.

Catchings says, "then I will do a letter if that will satisfy the parent and yes they would want to know that their children are warned. But again, there have fans in the room and the children have been provided water."

Catchings, in fact, did send a letter with the kids to give to their parents after school Friday letting them know about the problem with the air-conditioning.

Catchings says a new compressor has been ordered. Obviously, she wants it as soon as possible but can't guarantee it'll be here by Monday.


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