Fiery motorcycle crash caught on tape; victim happy to be alive

When a fiery motorcycle crash just off I-240 was caught on tape last week, it was hard to believe from the video, that anyone survived.

But the young woman on the bike did survive with some serious injuries. "Because as soon as the bike hit the van it blew up," Estes recalls.

Estes was heading Eastbound on Union Avenue when police say a van coming off the 240 exit ramp failed to yield. Tourists took home video minutes after the accident. "And all I remember was laying the bike sideways and sliding and all I could think was I'm still alive, I'm still alive," Estes says.

She's alive but covered in bandages and a brace. The 100 foot slide on the pavement resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over her body. "Basically all scraped up can't really move and it hurts," she adds.

With temperatures over a hundred degrees, Estes failed to wear her full gear that day. "Even though you're going fast and the winds hitting you its just so hot," she says.

But Estes now wishes she had listened to her mom as soon as she bought her beloved bike.

"She also bought the jacket and and she bought the gloves and she bought the helmet, but you have to use them too," says Anna Estes.

Anna Estes is grateful that her daughter is alive. "It's just her skin and so it was okay, it could have been so much worse," says Anna.

Dana Estes has a long recovery ahead of her. But she has her life and has learned a valuable life lesson; one she wants to share with other riders.

"Please wear your jacket and gloves, its not worth it," is the advice that Estes offers.

It's a dangerous mistake Estes says she won't make again.

There were seven people in the van that caused the accident that injured Estes. Five of them ran from the scene.

The crash is now being investigated as a hit and run.


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