Obesity rates climbed in most states; Tennessee ranked 5th

WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans continue to get fatter.

A report today from the Trust for America's Health says obesity rates climbed in 31 states last year and declined in none.

The group ranks Tennessee fifth fattest with nearly 29 percent of its population overweight.       Officials at the Trust for America's Health advocate for the government to play a larger role in preventing obesity.

Mississippi became the first state to crack the 30 percent barrier for adult residents and is ranked No. 1.

Colorado continued its reign as the leanest state in the nation with an obesity rate projected at 17.6 percent.

A lack of exercise is a huge factor in obesity rates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found last year that more than 22 percent of Americans did not engage in any physical activity in the past month.

The percentage is greater than 30 percent in four states: Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky.

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