New details emerge in Sex & City scandal

There are new revelations in the Sex and the City scandal. As we first reported last week, a mystery letter was the source of new speculation in the so-called plot to embarrass Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton from running again.

The web tangles even further. A letter implies Smith was in the middle of a drug ring that spanned from Memphis to Texas.

Now, political experts shed insight on the new development. Smith claims her former attorney, Richard Fields, conspired with others to lure Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton into a sex tape.

She claimed they wanted to bribe him from running for a fifth term.

Now, the letter turns up, putting a cloud over Smith's character. In it, it seems Smith's boyfriend, Lambert McDaniel, wrote her from prison.

Lambert owned the infamous Martini Room nightclub that was shut down in a drug raid in 2004.

The letter alleges she was a drug-runner for him. The most incriminating lines are when Lambert directs Smith to manipulate a convicted pimp named David Clinton.

He wrote: "..let him know you're the one who meets the Mexicans."

Lambert tells Smith:"Play him first because he's easy like Sunday morning." Smith's attorney believes the letter was stolen from her mother's house after two break-ins in the last two months.

"It certainly continues to taint all parties if you ask me. It makes her look worse, but it also makes the people who dealt with her consciously look worse too," says political analyst Jackson Baker.

The verdict is still out on whether Smith is a whistle-blower or a double-agent. Smith's attorney is preparing a civil suit.

Fields says he plans to turn the letter over to the TBI. Smith's attorney also says he expects her to bond out on probation violation charges any day now.


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