Tigers West Ready to Kickoff Season

Game Week is here in the Mid-South!

The tradition College Football season opener between Memphis and Ole Miss is just 6 days away...

Fall Camp is over..

It's time to start talking specifics about the Rebels and the Tigers.

University of Memphis coach Tommy West holds his first game week luncheon of the year Monday. Yes, everything in the world feels right again as the Tigers get ready to kickoff the season against Ole Miss.

West says:

"I can't tell you how excited I am especially when you're coming off a bad season. We have a lot of excitement because you don't know what your team is because you haven't competed against anybody but yourself."

One thing West does know...his receiving corps is one of the best he's ever coached.

He makes no bones boasting about them.

"They're big and their fast. I mean you just look at them. Duke is a big guy and Carlos, he's grown half an inch to 6'9". Stephen Black is 6'4" and 220-pounds. Maurice Jones from here in Memphis is 6'4" and almost 230lbs. We have been really good in this camp throwing and catching the ball, that's we're gonna do, that's what we are."

Now the 20 million dollar question. How will the Tigers stack up against the Rebels? West feels the quarterback change for Ole Miss won't be that big of a deal, rather they'll try to pound them with their all-SEC running back Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis.

West doesn't like his odds if it comes to that.

"This is what we weren't good at last year...stopping the run. We weren't good when we faced a physical team. Their strengths are where I want ours to be...up front on both sides of the ball.I can't jump up on the table right now and say we can line up physically in a base defense and whip their tails."

This is a game that will most likely be decided in the trenches.

Kickoff is 2:30pm Saturday at the Liberty Bowl.