Attorney Richard Fields says he & the Mayor were duped

The investigation into the Sex and the City scandal took yet another turn Monday. Attorney Richard Fields says he's been in talks with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation all day.

Richard Fields is accused of conspiracy.

Former Platinum Plus cocktail waitress Gwendolyn Smith says he wanted her to lure Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton into a sex tape to keep him from running for a fifth term.

Fields spent three hours with TBI investigators Monday. "Gave them all the information and answered all their questions," says Fields.

This comes after he says he had new evidence; a letter that implies Smith was a drug-runner for her boyfriend, Lambert McDaniel.

McDaniel wrote the letter from prison. He was convicted in a drug sting at his old club, the Martini Room.

Fields adds, "I turned it over to them. Whatever they choose to do with it."

Smith's current attorney says the letter was stolen from her mother's home. The house was recently burglarized twice.

Fields, Smith's former attorney, claims the letter's been lying around his office. "Gwen Smith gave the letter to me. I am not involved in a burglary. I did not have anyone do a burglary for me. That's just absurd and they ought to be ashamed of themselves."

Fields says after the criminal accusations, he had no choice but to share private client information.

And he has a warning for Mayor Herenton. "He needs to reconsider his belief in Gwen Smith because I think we all were duped," says Fields.

Smith's attorney, Jay Bailey, issued a comment after our interview with Fields. It states: "It's obviously coming up at a time when everyone believes that Miss Smith is about to come home and that she intends to make further public statements with regards to this situation. So, it seems like a pre-emptive strike to me and, you know, that troubles me greatly," says Bailey.


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