Mid-South real estate agent robbed as she tries to sell house

A Mid-South real estate agent was held up at gunpoint as she tried to sell a house. Now, there are big safety changes to make sure this doesn't happen again.

According to the police report, a man came to look at a model home in Bartlett on Sunday. He spoke to a real-estate agent and then left. But, a few minutes later he came back with a gun.

The model house sits on Golden Valley Lane in Bartlett. A robber saw it as a golden opportunity to make his move.

Captain Tina Schaber with Bartlett police says the would-be robber first posed as an interested home buyer after talking to the real-estate agent.

"The first time he came in was to see what the place was to see if she was alone," says Schaber.

The man then left. But, 15 minutes later, he returned to the house and pulled a gun on the agent. "He took all of her jewelry she was wearing which consisted of several rings, a necklace, and earrings," adds Schaber.

One of those rings was a diamond platinum worth $20,000.

In all, the robber left the house with nearly $25,000 worth of jewelry. He then jumped in his late model black Ford Expedition and headed west on Ellis Street. Meanwhile, the real estate agent ran next door and called 911.

Schaber says the victim was visibly shaken-up.

Alex Atchison is a real-estate agent with Remax in Fayette County. He, too, was robbed recently inside his car.

"He needed the money, he needed it and needed it now. He said he would get out of my car once once he got the money," says Atchison.

He said the robber ran away with a hundred dollars.

After what happened to him and hearing about this latest incident, Atchison has set up a self-defense class for real-estate agents only.

"Just to give somebody an idea of what to do. I had no idea what to do. I had never been in a situation like that," says Atchison.

The self-defense classes are expected to start in mid-September.

Meanwhile, the owner of the realty agency running the house is planning on putting video cameras inside.

If you have any information about this robberycall Bartlett CrimeStoppers (901) 383-MONY.


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