Shooting victim, cut suspect end up at same hospital

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Police in Memphis have arrested a man who showed up for treatment at the same emergency room as the man he's accused of shooting.

It happened Monday a the Regional Medical Center.

Police records show Samuel Anderson was shot several times by a man who came into his house and fired when Anderson tried to run. Anderson was hit in both thighs, his right calf and his right hand.

The report says the intruder ran when Anderson got to his bedroom, picked up a pistol and fired one shot. The report says the man broke out a window to escape, cutting himself.

At the hospital, Anderson recognized a man awaiting treatment, noting his crooked teeth. He told a nurse and police arrested 19-year-old Richard Terrell Blackburn.

After Blackburn was bandaged, police questioned him and say Blackburn admitted the shooting and told detectives where to find the gun, stashed in a lawn mower bag.

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