Rash of dead ducks worries Southaven woman

A Southaven resident called Action News 5 after she found several dead ducks near her home.

Patti Adams' home backs up to a lake just off Airways Boulevard in Southaven.  Last week, Adams said, she counted three dead ducks in the lake.  Since then, she claims she has counted as many as 23.

According to Adams, mallards and geese live in the lake, but the only birds dying are white ducks.

After placing calls to Southaven Animal Control and Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, Adams was told the ducks may be dying because of recent high temperatures.

Adams said it was sad to see the ducks struggling to stay alive.

"They were trying to raise their head up out of the water," she said. "It was making them flopping around.  When they would jerk their heads up, they would just flop back down in the water."

Southaven Animal Control Director Brett Wardlow said the ducks' deaths were "odd," and said it there might be an outbreak of disease among the ducks.  He has not, he said, performed an official investigation, and his agency is not equipped to do so.

Officials with Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks could not be reached for comment.

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