Beat downs continue at city's top tourist attraction

It's another beat down on Beale Street and this time a tourist is one of two people robbed at the city's top tourist attraction.

One victim was sucker punched in the face and robbed. Ironically, he's a law enforcement officer who was in town for a Crisis Intervention Conference.

A woman was also robbed on the very same day by a man who threatened to rape her if she did not cooperate.

Both robberies took place on Beale Street this past Tuesday. It's just the latest in a string of crimes that have people concerned.

Dozens of recent police reports outline all kinds of violence on Beale Street. Police plan to put extra personnel downtown this weekend in anticipation of huge crowds and potential problems.

"Usually when there's large crowds throughout the city the perception is the enviorment is unsafe," says Detective Monique Martin with Memphis Police Department.

As always, police say if you are approached by someone who threatens you give them what they want. Then they urge you to call police and report the crime immediately.


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