Dumb real-estate robber caught by police

Bartlett police say they solved the recent real estate agent robbery thanks to smart police work and a really stupid suspect.

It took Bartlett police just a few days to charge Mario Coleman of Memphis with aggravated robbery.

Police say he walked inside a model home on Golden Valley Lane in Bartlett and pointed a semi-automatic gun to a real-estate agent's head. He then stole her jewelry.

Police say the big clue came when Coleman filled out an information card when he came to the house.

Here's where the "dumb criminal" part comes in; Mario Coleman signed his real name.

"Some criminals are not all that smart,"  says Captain Tina Schaber. But Schaber isn't complaining.

"We took that name on the sign-up sheet that filled and put that persons photo in a six person line-up and the victim did 100 percent identify him as the person who robbed her", said Schaber.

She says the investigation is still on-going because they have yet to recover the $25,000 worth of jewelry.

Asked if anyone else is involved, Schaber said, "not right now as we know.  We are still actively investigating and if other people turn up then we'll do what we have to with them as well," she adds.


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