School bus driver at center of investigation

The driver of a Laidlaw school bus is at the center of an investigation after we showed pictures of the bus getting caught at a railroad crossing.

Our camera caught Laidlaw bus number 405 rolling North on Mendenhall toward Poplar Avenue and the railroad tracks.

Not only were we watching, but a Laidlaw investigator looked-on and took notes from a van in a near-by parking lot.

The bus driver used his turn signal when changing lanes, and seemed to be following the rules of the road. But as he crossed over the tracks, he was caught at a red light behind another car.

At first, the back wheels of the bus were on the track. Eventually, the driver was able to inch forward but the back end of the school bus was still dangerously close to the rail. Had a train been coming, the back end of the bus would have been hit.

Several children were on board at the time.

Those driving mistakes, coupled with photos showing the arms of the crossing gate come down on top of the school bus the day before has the driver under review.

Mark Goscienski took the photos. "I just wanted to document it so someone would hear about it," he says.

Laidlaw managers did hear about it.  The Laidlaw investigator could not talk on camera but we did find out she is in the process of writing a report for a manager review.

The driver has been informed of the internal investigation.

Laidlaw Manager Bob Donaldson described the driver as seasoned, but would not give the driver's name.

Donaldson would not discuss what, if any, disciplinary action would be taken against the driver. Nor would he say if the driver would be back on his route on Tuesday.


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