Community unites to mobilize a city on edge

There's new information in the ongoing investigation into the death of 12-year-old DeAunta Farrow as neighbors rally for the West Memphis Police Chief and a department veteran to step down.

Investigators are planning a trip to West Memphis sometime over the next week. They want to come to the area when it's dark so they can experenice the environment in which DeAunta Farrow was killed.

They want to do it before making any decisions, regardless of mounting unrest.

A small group of nine community activists have set out to mobilize a city on edge.

"We trying to figure out why that investigation is taking so long. We want some results we some answers," says Wendol Lee with Operation Help.

Farrow was shot and killed by West Memphis police officer Erik Sammis who is now on paid leave.

The state appointed two special prosecutors. "It is a delicate situation," says Prosecutor H. G. Foster. "The ripple effect is tremendous and it is a difficult balancing act. There is a need to move rapidly on it but there is a competing and I believe greater need to be thorough," adds Foster.

The investigation will ultimately determine what, if any, state charges should be filed in this case.

However, this group says the city should've acted long ago, regardless of any ongoing investigations.

Lee adds, "anytime we got a child that's dead, the officer, even if it's a mistake we think he should step down. Even if it's a mistake."

Foster says his case is moving forward. His findings are not far behind.

Foster also says he can't give an exact timeline on when his investigation will be finished, but says that he understands the significance.


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