Business owner keeps an 'eye' on employees

Cameras in restaurants are about more than security these days. The next time you go out to dinner in the Mid-South, someone might be watching you.

The technology that once kept you safe now means you'll be getting good service as well.

On any given night at the Big Foot Lodge downtown, you might feel like you're being watched.  There are enough eyeballs on enough heads on the wall to give you that sensation.

But its not the deer and caribou that are watching. Instead, its restaurant owner Shawn Danko. "You can absolutely see everything going on in the restaurant," says Danko.

That includes the kitchen where cameras keep an eye on employee productivity. In fact, Danko says he uses Digital Witness as much for productivity as for security.

A bartender is caught on Digital Witness doing a shot with customers and that's a no no. The boss can watch anywhere there's an internet connection.

"You can be anywhere in the whole world and connect with your restaurant or retail store and not only look at live video, but also go back and look at what happened yesterday," says Owner of Digital Witness, Jim Turner.

Shawn Danko once used Digital Witness to solve a crime going on right under his nose.  Danko realized he had a prob on his hands because the liquor bottles were disappearing one by one. He went to his computer and his digital witness to check it out.

What he found was a homeless man sneaking in at off hours making sure the coast was clear then running and grabbing a bottle.

With the digital witness he was able to arrest and convict that thief.

And while employees poke fun at their boss with a sign, Danko says he doesn't feel like Big Brother. "If you're only trying to catch the bad things, then yes it does become a big brother scenario. But if you're using it to correct behaviors and not just, 'I gotcha' than that goes away," says Danko.

Bigfoot employees are motivated by more than just the promise of a tip, they know slacking off will get them racked up because their boss is always watching.

Digital Witness can put up to 16 cameras in a restaurant.

In fact, it can be installed in any business where employers want to keep tab on their employees.