Bartlett police officer is off the job after wild party & rape allegations

A Bartlett Officer lost her job after a wild party at her house and rape allegations. It started with an investigation into an August pool party at Bartlett Officer Carey Faulkner's home.

Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald says some of the people at the party drove home drunk.

Two probationary officers were at the party, and immediately fired.

Faulkner's husband, a Collierville firefighter, is accused of raping a neighbor during the party.

According to McDonald, one of those officers left after he saw what was going on, but police recruits Jack Fullwood and Jonathan Poe stayed at the party.

"Too much drinking," said Mayor McDonald. "People began to take their clothes off down to their underwear and dive in the pool with some other folks. They upon questioning admitted they had too much to drink and drove. All of that's against our policies."

Bartlett police say Carey Faulkner is a nine year veteran. According to the department, Faulkner trained Fullwood and Poe. The two recruits were just a few days away from completing their training.

Fullwood and Poe, described as two of the departments best recruits, were fired after the incident at the pool party.

"We take seriously our code of ethics," said Chief Mark Hopper. "We take our pledge to uphold the law. A person lying out at a party drunk, how could they go arrest someone the next day who is drunk at a party?"

Officer Faulkner was off the job with pay pending the completion of an investigation.

Her husband, Collierville firefighter Brandon Faulker, who was also at the party has bigger problems.

Bartlett investigators charged him with rape and sexual battery after a neighbor who was at the party accused him of assaulting her at the party and at her house when he walked her home.

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