Council members want to change location of beer sales

Memphis City Council members want to change where beer is sold in the city and move it farther away from schools.

Councilman Joe Brown and Chairman Tom Marshall teamed up on this ordinance. Brown calls off premise beer sales located too close to schools, churches and homes...crime feeders.

Brown says the city's getting bombarded with applications for off premise beer licenses. That includes off premise beer licenses such as mini-marts and convenience stores.

Brown says that's where people addicted to drugs and alcohol are buying beer for school-aged children, in exchange for beer or cash.

Right now, off-premise beer sales are allowed within 50 feet of schools, churches and homes.

Brown calls that immoral. His ordinance would increase the distance from 50 to 500 feet.  "It gives our children access to a person who's addicted to alcohol and to drugs to go in and buy the beer products for these young children that are coming home from school. And also, these particular beer sales are too close," says Brown.

Off-premise beer stores would have to stop selling beer within six months of the date the ordinance is passed, it it's passed.