Vols Big Drop in AP Footbal Poll..But Not as Much as Michigan

The Wacky Labor Day opening weekend in College Football may give more credence to the call for a hold on all Top 25 polls till after the Third or 4th week of the season...

Case in point, Appalachian State going into the Big House and beating 5th Ranked Michigan..a team with National Championship aspirations..

We'll, Appalachian State has already won 2-straight national Championships in 1-Double-A, and i'd say they're poised to win a third.

Appalachian State knocked Michigan all the way out of the top 25..

Plus, they also get a $400 Thousand Dollar Pay Day for playing at the Wolverines Home Stadium.

No change in the Top 3 with UCS LSU and West Virginal still leading the pack..

Florida jumps to 4th, while Oklahoma and Wisconsin tie for 5th.

Texas falls 3-spots to 7th after narrowly beating Arkansas State.

California up two to 10th after the Golden Bears win over Tennessee.

Arkansas up to 18th, while the Vols with a big drop, fall 9-spots to 24th.