Tennessee To Work on Tackling after California Quake

Tennessee's Trip out West is not one the Vols want to dwell on..

UT Quarterback Erik Ainge proved as good as advertised, throwing 271 yards and 3-touchdowns...

But, the Vols were no match for Caifornia's Speed on Offense and in the kicking game.

Anthony Forsett rushed for 156, yards...and DeShaun Jackson weaved in and out of the Volunteers Special Teams for a 77-yard Kick Return Touchdown.

Vols Linebacker Jerod Mayo says the loss can be summed up in one sentence.

"We need to tackle better. We probably missed 25 tackles that would have taken down the yards after first contact. But that's behind us now and we're focused on Southern Miss."

Tennessee Head Coach Phil Fulmer says he wants to quickly move on.

"It doesn't take away that sick feeling in your stomach or that anger but I think getting back on the practice field is the best medicine we could have."

Fulmer says speedy Running Back Lamarcus Coker is now eligible to play. practicing with the team again this week.

He was suspended for violation of Vols Substance abuse policy and missed the California game.

Coker's expected to play this Week against Southern Miss at Neyland Stadium.