Morris unveils crime plan

In a political ad, mayoral candidate Herman Morris claims he can drop crime in the Bluff City by ten percent if he is elected.

Many wonder how he plans to do it and if it's a realistic goal. Standing outside the Criminal Justice Center, Morris unveiled his crime plan and he sure thinks his plan is realistic.

"Gangs we need to have a task force to deal with that, drugs we need to have a task force to deal with that," says Morris.

Morris outlined his strategy for a series of anti crime task forces; a strategy he said would reduce crime by ten percent in one year and by forty percent in four years.

Morris add, "and it won't just be the city of Memphis Police Department. We're going to re-engage and re-involve ourselves working collectively with the Sheriff, with the sheriffs department and with the police agencies in communities surrounding our city."

Morris described his anti-crime plan in six points. Everything from a nationwide search for experienced law enforcement experts, to an effort to improve cooperation between residents and police.

"We've looked at the budget. I believe that we can manage and run this city with the resources that we are able to bring in within the current tax base," explains Morris.

Morris says his team is still studying if more officers will be needed, and he says its too early to talk about personnel changes when it comes to the police director and other executive positions.

We contacted Mayor Herenton's office about Morris' plan but the Mayor declined to comment.

Candidate Carol Chumney has written up her own plan to fight crime. Her staff says it centers on the experience she's gained working on crime problems during her years in the state legislature and in city government.


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