Bartlett police officer terminated after investigation

Carey Faulkner's pool party last month tarnished the badge to the extent that it signaled the end of her career as a Bartlett police officer.

Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald says, "We're not judging her as a bad person. She's put me in a situation by doing at least as I mentioned three very public actions that brought a bad reputation for her our police force and the city and that's just not acceptable."

Faulkner, on the force for 9 years, had a party last month where alcohol was served. Two probationary officers Faulkner helped train were also at the party and were drinking.

The probationary officers were fired immediately.

Faulkner's husband was also accused of raping a neighbor at the party, but the mayor said that did not figure into the dismissal of Carey Faulkner.

Faulkner was also suspended for 18 days a few years ago for getting on  the stage at a topless club. Her third infraction involved nude swimming with other police officers at an apartment complex. All three incidents happened when Faulkner was off duty.

Bartlett resident Jessica Dunlap states, "You have to have the privacy of your private life. If she's not in uniform, she's not in a Bartlett police marked car, I don't think they should hold that against her. I don't think that's fair."

"If she does a good job that's all they should be concerned about what she does privately that's a little bit of big brother to me," says Bartlett resident Bobby Elrod.
Sandy Grooms of Bartlett says, "It's kind of hard to put somebody in that position and you expect a little more in their conduct. You expect a higher contact."

Mayor McDonald says he expects officers to hold a higher code of ethics on duty and off duty.

Carey Faulkner has asked for a grievance hearing to get her job back. No date for that has been set. As for her husband, a Collierville Fire Fighter accused of rape, he is still suspended with pay.

A spokesperson for the city of Collierville said he has not had an administrative hearing on the matter because information is still being gathered.