3-year-old left on day care van for hours

Memphis police are investigating a 3-year-old left in a day care van for hours. The Police Child Abuse Squad says a driver from Never Ending Rainbow Learning Center on James Road never dropped off the child.

His parents found the boy sleeping in the van around 11:00 Tuesday night.

It was not a regular day care van that the child was in, but a personal vehicle belonging to the day care driver. That is a violation of state law

And that's just one of many possible violations that police, the department of children's services and department of human services are investigating right now.

The Never Ending Rainbow Learning Center was open for business but appeared empty Wednesday afternoon. No vans and no children in sight; just adults hiding behind locked doors.

The day care's van driver was supposed to drop off a little boy at 5:30 Tuesday evening. When he didn't show up at his parents house, they called a grandmother, thinking the child may have been dropped off there. But that wasn't the case.

The child was missing. The panicked family called a teacher at the daycare who gave them the driver's address.

That's where they found the 3-year-old asleep inside the driver's personal vehicle

"We have rules and regulations in place in place that would have prevented a child from being left on a child care van or vehicle. Obviously those rules were not followed, if they had been followed, the child would have been home safe with its family," says Michelle Mowery Johnson.

Department of Human Services spokeswoman Michelle Mowery Johnson says the Never Ending Rainbow has had several licensing violations in the past...last year the center got a zero on its annual review...resulting in a zero star rating.

The state is also investigating the daycare's second location on Jackson Avenue. No charges filed at this point.


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