Southaven mayor targets falsehoods in proposed ordinances

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (AP) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis wants the board of aldermen to make it a misdemeanor to make false statements to government officials.

In a series of proposals presented yesterday to aldermen, Davis says he wants to fine parents who submit false addresses to try to gain admission to schools in the city.

Davis says it would apply to developers who make false statements about what a planned unit development will include, such as a park, fence or certain style house.

Other examples, he says, would be someone applying for a business license and then doing more business at the location than outlined in the license application or applying for use of a city facility for a family reunion and then using it for another purpose.

The city already has an ordinance making it unlawful to make false statements to a police officers.

Another proposal would allow police officers the option to write city tickets for speeding, running a stop sign and running a stop light.

Davis says the tickets currently issued are for state violations, with convictions going onto driving records that could result in higher insurance rates for drivers. The fine money also goes to the state.

A violation of a city ordinance would not go onto driving records and the city would retain the revenue. Davis says officers could choose which ticket to write.

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