U of M basketball player has spotty past

There are new details stemming from the brawl at a Beale Street Nightclub.

On Saturday, Police arrested two U of M Basketball players, Shawn Taggart and Jeff Robinson, after a fight at The Plush Club.

Star player, Joey Dorsey, was mentioned in the police report as starting the disturbance though he's not charged with a crime.

But it appears this isn't the first time Dorsey was accused of being in a fight.

In this most recent case, police reports indicate Joey Dorsey started the melee, then jumped onto a bar and started tossing money into the crowd.

Paperwork, eventually leading us to more paperwork also names Joey Dorsey.

There are two separate police reports and both are dated February 4th 2007. Both center around a single incident inside Club 152 on Beale Street.

Both indicate that a bar patron was sucker punched from behind. The first report was filed on scene at 4:30 in the morning.

An unidentified witness named Dorsey as the one who hit the victim. A second report was filed at 8:30 in the morning.

The victim, who was cut above the left eye, says he could not identify who hit him. Therefore, Dorsey was never charged.

A bouncer at the Plush club was treated on scene for knots over both eyes, cuts on his hand and above his right eye, injuries police reports indicate were caused by Joey Dorsey.

We spoke with the security guard by phone, but he refused comment. We also spoke with the University of Memphis Athletic department.

Officials say:"The only comments are the ones Coach Cal made on Sunday."

When asked on Sunday how he felt about the entire incident, Calapari said, "they're held to a higher standard and either accept it or go somewhere else."

Calipari wasn't happy then adding all the players in the group at the Plush Club will be disciplined by the team.

Otherwise, he says, the law will run it's course. The attorney for the two players who were arrested say they were both are innocent--that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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