Campaign offers neutral territory for fugitives

There's a new campaign to let fugitives know about the Safe Surrender program in Shelby County.

It's a way for wanted suspects to turn themselves in to police safely.

Serving warrants can sometimes be a dangerous thing for officers and it can be intimidating too for the person police are looking for.

It's caused law enforcement to look for better ways to handle the situation and that search led them to church.

New Salem Missionary Baptist on South Parkway is the site of Fugitive Safe Surrender. In two weeks, fugitives with misdemeanor and other lower level warrants can come to the the church, see a judge and get the whole warrant mess behind them on neutral territory.

"We're trying to avoid confrontation with law enforcement and allow people to come in and take care of this on peaceful terms, in a non confrontational way so that the community is safer," U. S. Marshall David Jolley.

MATA buses will serve as rolling billboards advertising the program in every corner of Shelby county.

A television and radio ad campaign is also planned in the next several days.

Fugitive Safe Surrender starts at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church September 19th, and runs through the 22nd.


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