Tamera Mitchell-Ford speaks out against her behavior

A very contrite Tamara Mitchell Ford told Action News Five she is sorry for getting in her car with a revoked license and driving.

That is all she is admitting to despite the fact that Collierville police charged her with driving on a revoked license and DUI.

Tamara Mitchell Ford left the Collierville jail after her second DUI arrest in the city in the past several months.

As she walked out of jail, Ford stated, "I want to apologize to everyone that has supported me. I know they're disappointed."

According to Collierville police, Mitchell-Ford was on Bailey Station road near Poplar on Tuesday around 8:30 when she swerved into oncoming traffic.

Police say she smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes, and was unsteady on her feet. Her two year old son was also in the car with her.

Action News 5 talked by phone with Mitchell Ford who said she was not drinking.

Mitchell-Ford says, "I want the public to know I do not condone drinking. That's not what I was doing. I would not put my child at risk . I just put my child at risk. I made a mistake getting in the car and shouldn't have done it."
When asked if she was drinking when she got into the car, Ford replied, "No I wasn't."

Police found a half empty bottle of vodka in Mitchell Ford's Jaguar.

"I didn't even know I was in the car," Ford continues.

Mitchell-Ford refused the field sobriety test. But sources say Collierville police have video of her arrest.

Criminal court judge James Beasley ordered Mitchell Ford wear an ankle monitor that detects alcohol and got to rehab. When she came to his court on a probation violation after she got her first DUI in Collierville. He said he was shocked to learn of her recent arrest.

Beasley says, "I felt like she was addressing the problems I wanted her to address. I felt like she had addressed them. Clearly there are still issues and I'm bothered by that."

"I'll tell you this and you're the first person I've told...I'll serve all the time I have to because I'm tired," continues Mitchell-Ford.

Judge Beasley allowed Mitchell Ford to remove the ankle monitor after she completed her probation.

Mitchell-Ford says she suffers from depression and anxiety and does have a problem with prescription drugs.

She said she is going to get the help she needs.

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