A-State Ready for Tigers after Near Upset of Texas

Up in Jonesboro right about now, Arkansas State fans are planning a big reception for the Memphis Tigers this weekend..

After all, it's a game they feel their team can win, after the showing the Indians put on at Texas last Saturday..

A-State turned the Longhorns every which way but loose in forcing a down to the wire nail-biter that had fans of 7th ranked Texas holding their breath for a miracle in a 21-13 shocker.

Oh what might have been.

Big 12 officials Wednesday say they made a Bad Call in overturning ASU's recovery of an onside kick in the final minute.

Tough to swallow for Indians Head Coach Steve Roberts..but he's already moved on.

"We've got to add a greater focus to our game.. To have the type team we want to have. We gotta start that with a win some kind of way. We're fortunate to have Memphis come out our town this week."

The Indians, by the way, outgained Texas just like the Tigers did Ole Miss last week.