U of M students upset over delayed security alert

There's a security warning on the University of Memphis campus. The warning comes after a jogger says she was inappropriately touched at the U of M Field House Sunday.

But some students are upset that it took the university more than two days to warn them.

Students say they're angry that it took so long for campus security to send out a warning.

Almost three days after a women was attacked on the U of M Campus, students getting a higher education were put on high alert.

"I live on campus. Its kind of scary that they didn't tell me sooner," says one student.

Around 10 Sunday morning, a man followed a visitor jogging on campus into the Elma Roane Fieldhouse.

"The report was a forcible fondling where she went in to get a drink of water at the fountain, he followed her in and touched her inappropriately," says Bruce Harbor with U of M police.

When police searched the campus, the suspect was gone. 55 hours later, students were notified of the attack by email.

"It would be nice to know that hey there's a creepy guy lurking around," adds one student.

The editor of the university's independent newspaper says campus police should be more timely about sharing information with them. "I don't feel like their using us and I feel like they're too worried about PR and not worried about campus safety," says Trey Heath.

U of M police say they didn't have enough information from the victim until after the Labor day holiday.

"People remember the first thing they hear about an incident so we're just really cautious about putting one out too soon," adds Harbor.

"They said it would have been sooner but it was a holiday. I don't see the regular police taking off on Labor day," adds student Ashley Trotter.

Students say it was a classic case of poor communication that put them at risk.

There is an emergency speaker system on campus but police say it wasn't necessary because the suspect was gone and no longer a threat to students.


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