Humane Society faces overcrowding crisis

The Humane Soceity of Memphis and Shelby County is facing a crisis. They have too many animals.

The Humane Society staffers say that right now they are trying to care for some 230 dogs and 240 cats.

Things got crowded at the new facility because too many people have left animals. On a number of mornings many pets were found tied to the fence when facility opened.

Combine that with an explosion of animal births and its easy to see how the Humane Society got so over crowded.

"We've made space for some but the problem with it is having so many - you can have problems with disease problems with keeping it clean properly ah so its also no only is it a pet over population we also have a financial problem with feeding them and keeping them medicated and things like that," says Ginger Morgan with the Humane Society.

In an attempt to help relieve overcrowding, Humane Society officials put out an urgent call asking for people to adopt some of the animals or serve as foster parents.

If you'd like to help call the Humane Society at 901-937-3900.


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