Government looking for clues in bin Laden message

WASHINGTON (AP) - A counterterror official says the U.S. government has obtained a new video of Osama bin Laden marking the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

The official says several intelligence agencies are looking at the video, but no details or conclusions about its message have been made available.

The video ends bin Laden's longest period without a message. The al-Qaida leader has not appeared in new video footage since October of 2004, and he has not put out a new audiotape in more than a year.

Al-Qaida's media arm announced bin Laden's new message in a banner advertisement on an Islamic militant Web site that included a photo.

The still photo from the coming video shows bin Laden addressing the camera with his beard fully black. In past videos, his beard was almost entirely gray with dark streaks.

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