Trash troubles concern apartment complex residents

It's easy to see the pile of garbage  at the Victoria Park Apartments in Frayser.

There are flies are all over the garbage and then there is the smell.

Tenant Betty Duncan say, "It got a real bad odor and this ain't no place for nobody to live."

There is a smaller pile in another section of the complex.

Residents say the sanitation company the complex had a contract with removed its three garbage dumpsters on Monday.

Both piles of garbage are in the areas where the dumpsters used to be.
"It's ridiculous," continues Tenant.

The residents told Action News 5 the owners of the apartment complex have not paid the sanitation company and that's why the company took its dumpsters.

Action News 5 tried to talk to the manager of Victoria Park.

We were told the manager was not there.

Even though the woman on the phone denied being the manager, residents said she is and she had keys to the manager's apartment.  In fact, some say she used to unlock the door and go inside.

Action News 5 tracked down the owner of the apartment complex.

Darius Cerezo lives in Pittsburg, California. He told us he's having a little cash flow problem, but he has contracted with another sanitation company and dumpsters are supposed to be here on Friday and the trash is supposed to be gone.

But that's not the end of the problems here.

The previous sanitation company and other vendors have not been paid.  Also, the air conditioning in some of the apartments is not working.

Tenant continues "I pay too much for rent to live like this here."

The owners of the Victoria Park Apartment complex say they have some money coming in and they hope to pay off their creditors.

When they bought this complex a year ago, there were 17 residents now there are 45 -- about half the capacity.

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