Herenton defends campaign slogan

The mayor says he's never heard it, but thousands of rap fans know the song, and its lewd lyrics.  It's called Shake the Haters Off, and it's the slogan on Mayor Herenton's campaign T-shirts.

The song from Quint Black is full of profane lyrics about drug dealing, prostitution, and living a street life.
Here's a sample:

"When I go out on these m-f***streets
So you'd better try to keep your m-f*** head on
Before you be f*** around locked up some m-f*** where
And lost your m-f*** mind
These m-f*** n***** around here
They gone talk about you and all that bull***
But you know when a m-f**** hater comes and gets M-F*** personal

Thursday night, Mayor Herenton defended the slogan. He said for him, it's not about a rap song. He claims he's never heard the song. For him it's about something else.
"When people are stabbing you in the back when they don't give you credit for good works they're envious of you they're jealous of you, what you do is you continue to shake them off and do the good," Herenton said.

The mayor wanted to make it clear his real campaign slogan is not "Shake the Haters Off," it is "Moving Memphis Forward."

Herenton's campaign headquarters has no more t-shirts with that slogan on it.

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