Bishop accused of attacking wife still hopes to reconcile

ATLANTA (AP) - In a statement released by his attorney today, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks The Third still holds out hope that he and his wife, popular televangelist Juanita Bynum, can be reconciled.

Weeks' attorney said in the statement -- quote -- "If that is not possible, he is committed to working things out amicably and will only litigate as a very last resort."

Weeks hired family law firm Kessler, Schwarz and Solomiany on August 22nd, hours after police responded to a call at an Atlanta hospital, where Bynum accused him of choking her, pushing her down, then kicking and stomping her in a hotel parking lot.

Divorce attorney Louis Tesser said that although Weeks is not planning to file for divorce, he was worried that his wife might.

Tesser said -- quote -- "It is his strong preference to remain married." Reports of Bynum's intention to file for divorce have been in the media for days, but no court documents to support the claim have surfaced in Gwinnett County, where the couple lived, or in Ware County, where Bynum has a home.

Tesser and divorce attorney Randall Kessler said they have not been contacted by a divorce attorney on Bynum's behalf.

Week's statement ends saying -- quote -- "If she has hired an attorney for a potential divorce, we invite her and her attorney to meet with us privately whenever they like."

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