Parole denied for man serving time for deadly DUI crash

A Mid-South man serving time for a deadly DUI crash that claimed three lives will not be released.

Parole was denied for Donald Branch Friday.

Branch was drunk when he smashed into Stephanie Kuehl's car in 1997.

The Tennessee board of pardons and parole denied Branch's request to be released on parole after serving 10 years of a 48 year sentence.

Stephanie Kuehl was the daughter of Action News 5's Dave Brown.

In May of 1997, Branch was driving on a suspended license and on his way to serve a weekend sentence at the Shelby County Penal Farm for a previous DUI case when he crashed into Stefanie Kuehl's car, killing her, her unborn son, Thomas and her six-month old daughter Zadie.

Ten years later, Branch was denied parole and unlike many parole hearings that resurface annually, Branch won't be eligible for another hearing until 2013.

"I'm grateful that the parole board decided to make it as long as they did. Six years we believe before his case will be reheard. So he still gets a hearing within a reasonable amount of time and yet we don't have to go every year and again be re-victimized," says Dave Brown.

By 2013, Donald Branch will have served 16 years of a 48 year sentence.

Dave Brown is urging the Tennessee legislature to adopt truth in sentencing laws to stop what he calls the revolving door of justice.


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