Memphis City School District wants to build more schools

The Memphis City School district wants to build more schools over the next several years and they need your money to make that happen. They need $126.5 million to be exact.

School administrators say they're in crisis mode.

They say annexation and other factors are putting them in an impossible position to deliver services their students deserve.

Memphis City Schools Chief Operations Officer Michael Goar says the areas of utmost concern are in Cordova, Southwind-Windyke, Countrywood and Berryhill.

The Shelby County Commission has power over capital improvement funds.

They currently earmark $42 million dollars for new construction, expansions and renovations of city schools. They want the commission to triple that.

Some commissioners say the school system is asking for too much money with a recent report anticipating an enrollment decline.

But, Goar says 3700 new students are set to enroll in the next couple of years and they need to build at least two new schools right away.

"This is really a crisis, really, because I think it's an impossible task for our board and our staff to really manage 42 million dollars to do all the things everybody asks us to do and I'm really sympathetic with parents and students," says MCS Chief Operations Officer Michael Goar.

As the county school system seeks $172 million for similar improvements, they're making the case to freeze future Memphis annexation.

The issue was delayed until the Needs Assessment committee meets September 28. We'll let you know what happens.


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