Covington police on the look-out for counterfeit crooks

Covington police are trying to make arrests in a sophisticated counterfeiting involving checks and counterfeit money.

Investigators say dozens of people are involved in the crimes and so far the operation has stolen tens of thousands of dollars.

They say the group uses copy machines, laser printers and and computers to make the fake checks and money.

They put local businesses on the cover ot the check to try and add legitimacy to the forgery.

Places like Naifeh's local grocery store in Covington cashes checks and has been swindled by the scam several times costing thousands of dollars.

"Here you are trying to have a service for them cashing their checks and then they go and you lose that money and it tears our bottom line to pieces," says Randy Hazlerig.

"It's been going on about four or five months. They've been hitting us pretty hard," says Lt. Allen Wilson with Covington Police Department.

No arrests have been made.

Police are urging businesses to ask for two forms of IDs and have others means to determine the check is legitimate.


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