District 6 candidates talk about crime, corruption & economic growth

Under fire and under investigation Memphis City Councilman Edmund Ford decided not to run again.

Now, nearly one dozen other people are campaigning for the seat held by the Fords for more than three decades.

Edmund Ford, Junior hopes to be the next Ford at the helm of Memphis City Council District 6 as he strives to overcome his father's corruption case.

"Of course it's going to get to you because that's my father.  He's been my mentor, my friend, and I love him to death and nobody else can dissuade me otherwise.  But, I'm still running my race.  I'm going to run it to the best of my ability regardless of any other outside circumstances," Ford said.

The Central High Algebra teacher says he'll implement institutional knowledge after attending every city council meeting for the past two years.

South Memphis Alliance Executive Director Reginald Milton says public trust is his top goal.  "I want to restore that confidence, restore that trust by bringing honesty, integrity, commitment to the district," Vaughn said.

He's designed a crime abatement plan.  So has Candidate Doctor James Catchings, a retired principal of 35 years.  "I would like to make District 6 a safe haven.  I would like to see economic development come back to District 6," Catchings said.

Payroll Specialist Perry Bond agrees.  "The first thing we want to do is present a unified council to the city of memphis because right now there's a council in disarray.  We're going to have eight new members," Bond said.

Reginald Milton, a scientist with Schering-Plough, says it's about community.  "As a lifelong community organizer, that's my passion.  Finding a way to connect with the community and making sure that they know they're in charge," Milton explained.

Grocery Store Buyer, Jesse Chism agrees.  "Instead of talking about changes and talking about what we should do, we should put a plan together to get it done," said Chism.

Following is a list of the candidate's links: Perry Bond: www.perrybondcouncilman.com

James Catchings: www.catchingsforcitycouncil.com

Edmund Ford, Jr.: www.edmundfordjr.com

Reginald Milton: www.reginaldmilton.blogspot.com


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